DMX to release First Album in Four Years

1 Jan

The last time that DMX released an album was in 2006 with Year of the Dog… Again. The album came after a three-year retirement from X. In returning to the game, he said that he just could not stay away. Once he had released that album, DMX had hoped to begin releasing albums on a yearly basis, again. But, his personal conflicts got in the way of him doing that.

Reportedly, DMX was working on an album to be released in 2007 called The Revival. For unknown reasons, he stopped recording this album. Then, the music was pushed back until the next year. Marking his tenth anniversary in the game, he announced that he was going to release two albums in 2008. This is what he did ten years earlier, when he debuted. But, this time, he was going to release two new albums on the same day.

Due to the fact that Swizz Beatz was working on albums from Eve and himself, he was unable to give DMX the proper time. Then, DMX got into the infamous legal troubles that he is still fighting now. More than anything else, that is what has hindered his recording process. DMX spent all of last year trying to sort through those battles.

After his reunion with the Ruff Ryders on the remix to Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real,” DMX became inspired and he returned to the studio. His album was close to being completed, but when he and his former friend, Ja Rule renewed their friendship, he had to get a song with him for the new album. When he recruited Ja Rule, there was no way that the album could be released before the end of 2009.

There is no title for this new DMX album, there is no buzz single out, and there is no release date for this album. But, Swizz Beatz has promised that DMX will release a new album before the end of 2010. The only thing that he has to do is find a label to distribute the new release.

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