Skillz wraps up 2009

31 Dec

Every year, right before New Year’s, Virginia rapper, Skillz, wraps up the year. He makes a long rhyme that details everything that happened over the course of the year. While he does this from a hip hop perspective, he branches out into politics and black entertainment. As wild as 2009 was in every facet of entertainment, surely Skillz had a crazy rhyme.

The year of 2009 was known for the inauguration of the first black president with Barack Obama. Immediately following the Obama inauguration, the second Stimulus Package was supposed to be delivered. Then, the summer months came and Michael Jackson died. Chris Brown tried to stage a comeback and Tiger Woods’ infamous incident occurred.

In the past, his rhymes are known to get a little outrageous. With a year as outrageous as 2009, the best rhyme yet was expected from Skillz. He did not miss a beat, he rapped about Drake and said that his So Far Gone mixtape was the album of the year. The rapper also touched down on the issues surrounding Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I., Jay-Z, the Black Eyed Peas vs. Perez Hilton, and Lady GaGa.

Among the crazy things that happened in 2009, one of the craziest was the congressman interrupting President Obama’s speech, calling him a liar. Skills rhymed about that. Each year, someone pulls a crazy stunt at some award show. This year, it was the MTV Video Music Awards and they were fortunate enough to have two. First, Lil Mama walks up on Jay-Z while he performed his future chart-topper, “Empire State of Mind” and then came the infamous Kanye West incident.

Another wild year was 2009. Skillz watched from the background, obviously taking notes and his wrap-up of 2009 was one of his best wrap-ups, yet.

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