Mims still wants to work with Justin Timberlake

31 Dec

When Mims was out promoting his debut album, Music Is My Savior, he participated in many interviews. Among those interviews, he spoke with MTV.com. One question that he was asked by the website was an artist that he wanted to work with the most. It had been said many times that Mims was a big fan of Jay-Z.

Because of the fact that Mims was a big fan of Jay-Z and his flow was reminiscent of Jay’s in the 1990s, many thought that he would say Jay-Z. He did not, instead, he shocked many by saying that he would love to work with Justin Timberlake more than any other artist. The Washington Heights rapper said that he was a big fan of Justin’s music and it would be an honor to record with him. At the time, Timberlake was still promoting his highly-successful album, Future Sex/Love Sounds, while Mims barely had a foot in the door.

One year later, Mims began working on his second album. At the time, it was set for a 2008 release, so he began promoting the album early in the year. Again, the question was asked about who he would love to work with. Just as he had said the previous year, Mims wants to work with Justin Timberlake. He let that be known that he would love to either appear on one of his albums or have him appear on his next album.

Now, Mims is gearing up for his third album. He wants to release this album in the fall of 2010. Again, Mims is being given the chance to make his album guest wish list. Now, coming as a surprise to no one, Mims would love to have Justin Timberlake on his album. It is rumored that Mims will be working with The Neptunes for this album. They are also working with Justin Timberlake and Game. Timberlake heard some of Game’s new music and jumped on his album.

Maybe, Mims’ fortunes in hip hop will finally change and Justin Timberlake may also choose to jump on his album. That is, if the rumors of Mims working with The Neptunes are true. Mims is working on his third studio album and it should be released in 2010 on American King Music and Capitol Records.

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