Memphis Bleek’s “The Process” Album Cover hits the Net

31 Dec

This album was announced in 2006 by Memphis Bleek. He said that this album would be the one where he finally took charge. The year of 2006 came and went so fast and Bleek stayed dormant while his album was set for a 2007 release. After a two year hiatus, Memphis Bleek was going to take the game over. The only thing that took over was the buzz surrounding Jay-Z’s new album, again Bleek remained dormant.

Memphis Bleek has started off the past few years in the same manner, speaking of The Process. But, by the summer of 2009, the album was almost thought of as a myth. Early in every year, Bleek would talk about this classic album that he was working on. When asked about a release date, he would say that late summer. But, when the date came, there would not be a new album from the Brooklyn rapper. Some people were beginning to think that he would never come with another album.

Even when Memphis Bleek set his current release for The Process, there were some who still did not believe that the album was coming. After all, he has yet to release a new single off of the official version of the album. Plus, he had yet to reveal any cover art. The only thing that Bleek would provide each year is another promised release date. But, when he announced his new album for a 2010 release, he finally released the official cover for his fifth studio album, The Process.

Currently, Memphis Bleek is expected to release The Process in March 2010 on Get Low Records and Mass Appeal Music.

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