Kid Cudi says that he is Unstoppable

31 Dec

This has been quite a year for Kid Cudi, his mixtape single, “Day ‘n’ Nite,” finally became a radio hit after two years of floating around. Once the single became a hit, Kanye West began taking Kid Cudi seriously and gave him an album release date. All that Cudi needed was a release date because when he recorded his album, it ended up being one of the most-acclaimed releases of the year.

Despite the fact that Kid Cudi achieved such success in a relatively quick manner, he has still had his share of struggles. When Kanye West took his hiatus from making public appearances, he was removed from the Lady GaGa tour. In his place, Kid Cudi was the man who filled his spot. Right after he joined the tour, Cudi made news when he punched a fan for throwing something at him while he was performing.

Initially, Kid Cudi had not been looked at as a symbol of violence in hip hop. Kid Cudi filled the backpacker role in hip hop and his album, Man on the Moon, was the ultimate backpacker album. But, after his fan-punching incident, Kid Cudi was arrested while in Los Angeles on tour with Lady GaGa. He was arrested for burglary, but later it was revealed that he was a victim of mistaken identity.

Now that all of this has taken place, the image that people have had of Kid Cudi has changed. When he used to be looked at as a rapper that takes a comical view on things, he is now looked at as another violent, ignorant rapper. In response to those who feel that way, Cudi has proclaimed himself as the poster boy for realness, honesty, and anarchy. He said that he does not give a f*ck about the industry.

It is apparent that Kid Cudi is upset with the hip hop game, in general. Ever since he rose to success, earlier this year, he has become a punching bag. Most rappers take shots at rappers like Kid Cudi because they know that he will not respond. This has not gone unnoticed by Cudi. He said that he has never taken a shot at any rapper on any of his music. Because of that, he feels that other rappers should respect that and leave him alone.

Not so long ago, Kid Cudi was the average hip hop fan. He would search online, going to the many hip hop websites to get the news about his favorite rappers. When they released a new album, he would be right out there, ready to purchase their latest release. Badly, Kid Cudi wanted to break into the hip hop game to work with some of his favorite artists. Now that he is in the game, Kid Cudi no longer has too many favorite artists.

When speaking on the actions of some of the artists that he used to look up to, Kid Cudi said that this entire music industry is a business. He said that the power players in the game will try to destroy an artist if they do not comply. This would make most artists nervous, but not Kid Cudi. He feels that he is just fine, as long as he has his fans and they continue to purchase his albums. The Cleveland rapper went on to defend his peace-keeping ways.

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