AZ prepares for “Doe or Die 2”

31 Dec

In 1995, AZ made his commercial debut with Doe or Die. In the time since the release of that album, he releases new albums on a frequent basis. But, like most rappers, his diehard fans feel that his 1995 debut is the best album that he ever created. Not only do people feel that this is the best album in his long discography, they also feel that this is one of hip hop’s classic albums.

For this debut album, AZ collaborated with fellow Queens native and rhyming partner, Nas. He was fresh off of his classic debut album and he was still eager to make a name for himself. The hunger that both artists displayed add to the vibe of Doe or Die. Production on the album came from L. E. S., Pete Rock, DJ Period, and Buckwild.

As the 2000s rolled by, AZ released quite a few albums. Given his talent, it can never be said that he has released a bad album. He knows how to pick the right beats and he knows how to make an album. But, no matter what he does, people feel that it will never be enough to tough what he did on his debut album. Because of that, AZ wants to return to his debut album to see what he can create.

The follow-up to his 2008 album, Undeniable, will be Doe or Die 2. This time around, he wants to reunite with Nas and get all of the people from his debut album on board. He badly wants to recreate the sound that he had in 1995. Despite the fact that he is trying to recapture the sound of the mid-1990s, he also wants to work with some of hip hop’s current top acts. Aside from the production on the original album, he also wants to work with DJ Toomp and Kanye West.

Now that Dr. Dre is back at his job, producing for new artists, AZ also wants him to work on his upcoming album. He hopes that Dr. Dre’s style can mix with that of Kanye West and DJ Toomp into his original Doe or Die album to create the first classic album of the 2010s. AZ hopes to begin working on this album sometime next month. Once he begins recording the album, he will try to create a single.

Currently, he is reaching out to all of the people mentioned above. AZ hopes to release his eighth studio album, Doe or Die 2 on E1 Music (formerly Koch Records).

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