Hip Hop Vibe’s Biggest one hit wonder of the Decade: Huey

30 Dec

It seems that after D4L hit with “Laffy Taffy” in 2005, the one hit wonder became unstoppable. The year of 2007 was the biggest year of seemingly one hit wonders. While many of the other artists that debuted in 2007 have come with new albums and more hits, one artist that has not has been Huey. Ironically, of all of the 2007 new artists, at one point, he had appeared to be the most promising.

Coming from St. Louis, Huey was expected to become the third successful artist representing the city. In 2006, he signed to MempHITZ’ label, Hitz Committee label. Right after signing to the label, Huey released his debut single, “Pop, Lock, & Drop It.” At the time, Huey was only 18 years old, so his music was a little high school-themed. Soon, his song reached the top ten in the Billboard Hot 100.

Following the single’s success, in 2007, the debut album, Notebook Paper, was released. The album never quite caught on as it debuted at number 26 on the charts. To date, the album has only sold 300,000 copies. What once appeared to be a promising career now looks like one boy’s ticket out of the hood. After the failure of his second single, “When I Hustle,” Huey has been relatively quiet.

The only thing that kept his name out there following the release of his debut album was his issue with Nelly. When he was still working on his album, he had run into Nelly. Everyone knows what Nelly did for St. Louis rappers. Because he was from the same city, this was one of Huey’s idols. Having a chance to meet him was a dream come true. He offered to Nelly a chance to appear on his debut album, in return, he was snubbed by Nelly.

After Nelly never responded to the slight jab from Huey, a new album set for a late 2008 release was announced. While an album was announced, there was never any music released to support this. Because of this, Huey ended up not releasing a new album. Before the end of 2008, his name had been completely forgotten. For the entire 2009, his name has barely been mentioned.

While Huey may never become a rap star, he has been recognized as the biggest one hit wonder of the decade. Looking at all of the rappers that came out and only hit once this decade, this is quite an honor.

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