Young Buck prepares Final G-Unit album

29 Dec

Just a few years ago, Young Buck was viewed as one of the brightest acts on G-Unit Records. At that time, 50 Cent was expected to have five songs in the top ten and his albums were expected to sell millions in their first week. That time was only three years ago, in 2006, and Buck was in the studio working on his second studio album.

Early in 2007, Buck The World was released and it was a critical success. Using the success and the popularity of this album, Young Buck began trying to build his brand. Late in 2006, Young Buck had tried to create a spin-off label called G-Unit South. Afraid of damaging the G-Unit brand, the move was banned by Jimmy Iovine, the CEO of Interscope Records. Interscope is the label that owns and distributes G-Unit.

Despite failing with G-Unit South, Young Buck did create a record label. Right after the release of Buck The World, he created Cashville Records. But, for distribution, Young Buck did not go to G-Unit/Interscope. Instead, he chose to work with RED Distribution, a distribution company owned by Sony BMG. Late in 2007, they were able to reach an exclusive distribution deal.

After Young Buck established Cashville Records, his feud with 50 Cent began. Initially, it was not known by the public. But, in April 2008, everything came to a head. During that time frame, 50 Cent announced that Young Buck had been kicked out of the G-Unit group. Unlike in his situation with Game, 50 did not drop Buck from the G-Unit label. Instead, he decided to freeze Young Buck. The album that Buck had been working on was not coming.

Realizing that trying to feud with 50 Cent was not going to get him off of the G-Unit label, Young Buck decided to play nice. With the way that 50 Cent operates, he won the feud with Young Buck. Ever since Buck decided to play nice with 50 Cent, 50 has turned the tables on his former group-mate. He has sent a series of disses towards Young Buck ever since Buck apologized to him.

When 50 Cent was asked about the Young Buck situation, he said that all that Buck has to do is release a popular single. If he does that, they can discuss releasing a new album from him. Once an album is released and it sells enough copies for 50 Cent to make back his initial $200,000 investment in Young Buck, he is free to leave G-Unit Records.

Coming off of the mixtape scene, Young Buck has begun recording for a new album that he calls The Rehab. If things go according to plans, this album should be released during the summer of 2010. The album will feature appearances from Juvenile and members of his UTP Records, along with B.G. After the album is released, Buck has plans of returning to UTP Records.

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