T.I. is working on a New Album

29 Dec

Fresh out of prison after seven months, it was expected of T.I. to take some time off to spend with his family. One thing that must have been forgotten is the work ethic of the Grand Hustle founder. He hardly ever takes breaks and the only reason that he did not release a studio album in 2009 was because of the prison sentence. Due to his superstar status, T.I. records his albums during the spring and summer to release them in the fall.

During the spring, T.I. was gearing up for his prison sentence. By the summer, he was locked away and was unable to record new music. Late last year, it was revealed that T.I. was supposed to spend one year and one day in prison because of the weapons charge that he picked up in 2007. He was supposed to begin serving that term in May of 2009. When May 2009 came, T.I. walked to end gang violence, and then he began serving his time.

Only seven months into serving the one year and a day, T.I. was released from prison. While he still has to serve his time, he will be out of prison. It was revealed that the Atlanta rapper would be moved to a halfway house, where he has to stay until May of 2010. He is still free to move about as long as he is back at the halfway house before his curfew. This gives him the opportunity to spend some time with his family.

Since he has been out of prison, T.I. has also announced that he is going back into the studio. Now that he has the freedom to move about, the rapper is not going to waste time sitting around. Most importantly, he is getting this time in with his young family. With his being out of prison, T.I. made the decision to get right back to work as opposed to waiting until 2010 to begin working on the album. He has a few days in advance to get his music together.

Before the end of 2010, T.I. hopes to release a new album. Currently, he is only recording new tracks; he has no theme or an album title. This album will be released on Grand Hustle Records and Atlantic Records.

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