Rick Ross speaks on Triple C’s buzz

29 Dec

Rick Ross finally debuted his group, Triple C’s a few months ago. At the time, he was boasting about the number of albums that they would sell. During this same time, 50 Cent was preparing to release his album, Before I Self Destruct. While Rick Ross boasted that his crew was going to come out and sell millions, 50 Cent said that they would be lucky to come out and sell 10,000 copies. When their album came out, they barely made the 10,000 mark.

The fact that 50 Cent’s prediction was pretty much right, the Triple C’s were taunted because of their low album sales. But, Rick Ross knows that album sales do not count for everything. He points to the buzz that the crew has on the street level that is keeping them around. Rick Ross said that his Triple C’s are the streets. Ross said that unlike 50 Cent’s G-Unit there is not anything commercial about their crew.

Behind Gunplay, a rapper in the crew, Rick Ross said that they have the streets on lock. He credited this to the fact that they always work with relevant artists. Ross said that his group has the potential to become the future of hip hop. He said that they are willing to lose out on major endorsements from the likes of Pepsi and other companies just to give the streets the music that they love to hear.

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