Plies is gearing up for a Big 2010

29 Dec

After releasing two albums in 2008, Plies decided to take the year of 2009 off. Even without releasing an album, he has had quite an impression on the hip hop music of 2009. Many of the singles that he released late last year became hits earlier this year. This includes his Ashanti collaboration, “Want It/Need It.”

Each year since the release of his debut album, The Real Testament, Plies has released a new album each year. Immediately after the release of his debut album, he began working on his second album. Plies recorded so much new music that he ended up releasing two albums in 2008.

Only weeks after the release of Da REAList, Plies said that he had even more music in stock that he had yet to release. That music had been packaged into his fourth album, Goon Affiliated, which was going to be released in May 2009. However, the popularity of his third album led to his 2009 album being pushed back to an October release date. The release date came and went and soon the album was pushed back to 2010.

Now that the album has been pushed back until next year, the music is a little bit outdated. Realizing this, Plies has decided to use the gap in release dates to go back into the studio and record some more tracks for Goon Affiliated. The new content that Plies has for the album has yet to be released to radio or to the internet. Plies has described the new music as the best that he has ever created.

With 2009 almost over, Plies plans to go harder in 2010 than he ever has before. He hopes that his new music will dominate the radio waves and he hopes that his album will end up being the top-selling release of 2010.

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