Juelz Santana keeps Dipset movement Alive

29 Dec

Only a few years ago, 2005, one of the strongest crews alive was Dipset. They belong to the record label, Diplomat Records, which was started by Cam’ron in 1998. The main members of the crew were Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana. When the crew signed with Roc-A-Fella Records in 2001, they began their movement.

However, the success of Cam’ron and his Diplomat imprint under the Roc led to a feud. When a label rises the way that Roc-A-Fella did to have a successful imprint, it would be assumed that everyone would be happy. Dame Dash was and he was ready to reward Cam with an executive position at the label. This was because of his high album sales. Jay-Z was not pleased.

As long as Jay-Z had been in the game, he wanted to retire and hand things over to his longtime friend, Memphis Bleek. The success that Cam’ron had was supposed to be the success from Memphis Bleek. Because of this, Cam’ron was forced off of the label, along with Dame Dash and his supporters. By 2005, all of this hit the media and Cam’ron began publicly dissing Jay-Z.

Starting with his 2006 album, Killa Season, Cam’ron united his Dipset army against Jay-Z and his Roc-A-Fella crew. In the end, the feud became an issue between Cam and Memphis Bleek. By 2007, Jay-Z’s main rival had switched to Jim Jones. This was also the year that Cam’ron began feuding with 50 Cent. Seeing how united his crew was against Jay-Z, they were expected to really challenge G-Unit.

Coming as a surprise to a lot of people, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana began performing with 50 Cent. This was during the height of his feud with Cam’ron. To make matters worse, they kicked him out of their group, The Diplomats. Despite all of this happening, they all said that there was no feud. They blamed their distance from Cam’ron on the fact that they were not clicking, musically.

Before the end of 2007, Cam’ron took a hiatus from creating music. For the longest time, he went into hiding. This hiding led to the “Where’s Cam’ron” campaign. In 2008, he resurfaced and the feud between him and Jim Jones was finally announced to the public. Cam said that they had not talked since February of 2007. Initially, this was something that Jim Jones denied, but later he revealed that this was true.

As 2009 rolled around, Cam’ron announced that he was going to release a new album sometime during the year. He said that he had talked with Jim Jones for the first time in two years and there was a possibility of the crew reuniting. This was something that was initially denied by Jones before he revealed that they had talked. When asked about a possible collaboration, Cam’ron said that if the money was right, he had no problem working with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana once again.

However, as the summer came in, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana had some negative things to say about Cam’ron. This prompted Cam to accuse Juelz of being addicted to syrup. Those allegations from Cam obviously hurt Santana. It was obvious because of the way that he spoke of his former boss. He denied the drug use and wants from Cam’ron an apology. Juelz Santana said that he wants to work with Cam’ron again.

But, when Cam’ron was asked about a Dipset reunion, he said that Dipset was over and he had a new crew that he was going to introduce to the spotlight. He also took the time to diss Juelz Santana. Because of the frequent disses from Cam’ron to Juelz, he has been questioned about responding. The first appearance that Santana made was on Cam’ron’s hit single “Oh Boy” and he also appeared on Cam’s other hit, “Hey Ma.” Without those songs, he would have never become the star that he is. Despite their current feud, Juelz Santana will forever remain grateful to Cam’ron, so he will not be responding.

Recently, Juelz Santana was talking about the issues that are going on within the Dipset movement. Other rappers from the crew have been talking about the reunion. This has prompted Juelz Santana to speak on the movement and the status of it. Juelz Santana said that no matter what, Dipset was never going to die. He said that he is still confident that the four main members of the crew, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, himself, and Freekey Zeeky, can come together and create more classic music.

With the current mind state of Cam’ron and his back-and-forth with Jim Jones, it is looking highly unlikely that the Dipset crew will reunite.

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