Jay-Z to premiere “On to the Next One” video on New Year’s Eve

29 Dec

A few months ago, it was announced that Jay-Z was going to film a video for his song, “On to the Next One.” However, at the time, he was still promoting “Run This Town.” In the time since this announcement was made, he has finally topped the Billboard Hot 100 and his album became one of the top-selling hip hop albums of the year. Once again, Jay-Z showed the people how to master the game.

Ironically, he brags about this on his single, “On to the Next One.” Some perceive the song as a diss to his latest rival, 50 Cent. On the song, he speaks of his forward-moving style. Then, he compares this to people that stay in one place. There is not much change in 50 Cent’s style from when he first debuted in 2003. He is almost seven years deep, but he has shown minimal changes.

In Jay-Z’s first seven years in the game, he went from being a drug dealer to being the CEO of Def Jam. On the song, he details this and he brags about going pop. The song is also known for ending a decade-long feud with Fat Joe. Swizz Beatz, the featured guest and the producer of the song, is also good friends with Fat Joe. With Fat Joe promoting his album, he invited Swizz Beatz to perform on stage with him. Soon, Jay-Z, who was also in attendance, took the stage with Fat Joe and Swizz Beatz and they performed this very song.

All of this happened before the song was even released to radio. “On to the Next One” has received quite a bit of airplay, but it has yet to be released as a single. But, when the video premieres on New Year’s Eve, all of that will change and the song will be released as a radio single.

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