50 Cent prepares video for “So Disrespectful”

29 Dec

For most of the year, 50 Cent has avoided feuding with other rappers. Aside from his early year feud with Rick Ross, 50 Cent had been the peacemaker. Not only did he officially put his issue with Jadakiss to rest, he also reached out to the rest of The L.O.X. His feud with Diddy ended in 2007, but he began making appearances with the Bad Boy CEO this year.

Not only did 50 Cent begin making appearances with his former rivals, he also offered the same type of deal to Cam’ron. He said that if Cam came to Queens they could end their feud. A bit skeptical about going to 50’s neighborhood, Cam wanted 50 to come to Harlem so that they could end their feud. In the end, their issues remain unresolved, but both rappers have said that they are willing to end their issues with 50 Cent.

When the fall season came in, former G-Unit group member, Game and Young Buck, apologized to 50 Cent. Seeing how friendly 50 Cent had been recently, many assumed that he would quickly reach out to his former foes. Instead, 50 Cent reverted back to his old form and he released a mixtape track that taunted his former allies. When his album, Before I Self Destruct, leaked, one notable track off of it was “So Disrespectful.”

The title of the track says it all, 50 Cent holds nothing back on this song. He begins the song with a diss to Jay-Z, then he moves on to Game, later Young Buck, B.G., and even the late Pimp C. There are also some lines on the song that say some questionable things about Dr. Dre. The song is something like a 2009 version of “Piggy Bank.” In a similar fashion to this song, that song took on Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and Nas. This song takes on the other artists mentioned.

Now that the album has been released and the sales have not been where people expected them to be, 50 Cent has had to release more singles. Among the next singles that he has planned for an upcoming release will be “So Disrespectful.” Recently, 50 Cent promised that he would film a video for what will become his latest single.

One Response to “50 Cent prepares video for “So Disrespectful””

  1. Micki B December 31, 2009 at 2:53 am #

    I think I would like 50 Cent more as a artist if he stops with the diss. I know it’s all for the publicity but dayum. I thought he turned over a new leaf with his latest song, “Have A Baby By Me”, and I really like that joint.

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