Memphis Bleek speaks on feuds, Roc Nation, and “The Process”

28 Dec

Ten years in the game and Memphis Bleek is still being featured in the “whose got next” section in hip hop magazines. For unexplainable reasons, Memphis Bleek’s career never took off the way that it was poised to. Bleek is happy about that because he has had the opportunity to watch Jay-Z rise from being a local level drug dealer to the position that he is currently in. With all of the things that Jay has done for him, Bleek said that he cannot complain.

The Brooklyn rapper did speak on the fact that Jay-Z has done a lot for many other rappers, too, but when they did not take off, they complained. Memphis Bleek said that Jay-Z has done right by every artist that ever signed to Roc-A-Fella Records. He said that there is not a rapper who released an album on the label that does not currently own the rights to their album released on the label. Bleek did not mention names, but the name was obvious.

Ever since he has been in the game, Memphis Bleek has not gotten a fair shot. Most people feel that Jay-Z sits back and writes his lyrics, picks his beats, and picks his singles. This is something that Bleek denies. He said that every album that he has ever put out has been controlled by himself with input from Jay-Z. Bleek said that every single that he released to radio was his decision to release and that he writes his own rhymes.

This is not the first time that Memphis Bleek has said this; almost every interview leads to what most people think about him. It is widely-assumed that he is Jay-Z’s sidekick. On every one of his albums, Jay-Z is featured on two or three tracks and every album has come out on Roc-A-Fella Records. What people do not realize is that Roc-A-Fella Records is only the label that used to distribute Bleek’s music.

Dating back to 1998, Memphis Bleek has been the head of his own label, Get Low Records. He has signed plenty of acts to the label, over the years. The label had been distributed by Roc-A-Fella throughout his entire career. But, when Jay-Z left Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella, Memphis Bleek saw this as a chance to go out and build his career and his label. After being mistreated by Def Jam, in his opinion, Memphis Bleek sought after a better deal.

Memphis Bleek did acknowledge that he could have easily followed Jay-Z over to Roc Nation, but that would have left him in the same position that he was in at Roc-A-Fella Records. Bleek described the business of the game. He said that every rapper that gets signed to a label gets an advance that is really just a loan from the bank. Once the album is released, only a small portion of the profit goes to the artists, in between the other labels getting their share of the money.

This is something that Jay-Z has never had to go through. He was not only an artist, but the CEO of his own label. The deal that Jay-Z had going with Def Jam was a 50/50 venture. While the money that Bleek was making under Jay’s wing was great, he is after the big money. That is the reason that he chose not to sign with Roc Nation. The deal with the new label would not have advanced his career the way that going out on his own would have.

For his entire career, Memphis Bleek has been signed to a major record label. Over the past few years, it has become better for an artist to be independent. This is why Memphis Bleek chose to sign a deal with the independent record label, Mass Appeal Entertainment. The deal that Bleek has with Mass Appeal is identical to the one that Jay-Z had with Def Jam for all of those years. With the way that the major record labels are now, it is impossible to get a deal like that and this was realized by Memphis Bleek.

There is not another rapper in the game that has been doubted as much as Memphis Bleek. It is all because he came in with Jay-Z and his biggest hits came at the peak of Jay-Z’s career. No other rapper has as many doubters as Memphis Bleek. That is what Bleek loves and he plans to prove all of his doubters wrong with his fifth album. Bleek blames the lackluster reviews of his last album on trying to make an album that the people would love.

With The Process, it is going to be all about Memphis Bleek. He has described this album as telling of the entire process. This means him rising from the Marcy Projects to the peak of the Roc and the 2004 breakup. All of these stories will be told on this new album and he is not going to have any regrets about anything that he may say. On the album, though, Memphis Bleek said that he is going to stay away from diss records. He now feels that he is above that.

People have always looked at Memphis Bleek’s catalog of albums and they always say that either The Understanding or M.A.D.E. was his best album. Memphis Bleek has promised that when it is released, there will be no doubt that The Process will be hailed as the best album that he has ever created. Coming five years after his last album, The Process will be released in March 2010 on Get Low Records and Mass Appeal Entertainment.

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