50 Cent questions Media Support of Game

28 Dec

When 50 Cent first challenged Dr. Dre, the hip hop media jumped all over him. They questioned the rapper for biting the hand that fed him. However, only months before 50 Cent ever said anything negative about Dr. Dre, he and Game were involved in an all-out war. The first three singles that Game released featured 50 Cent.

It has become well-known that 50 Cent helped Game record his debut album, The Documentary. There were songs featured on that album that 50 had been saving for his own release. In an effort to build a buzz around Game, he gave those songs to him. All that Game had to do was record his part of the song. Among those songs that 50 Cent had given to Game were “How We Do” and the 2005 hit “Hate It or Love It.”

Despite 50 Cent making the Game into a top ten artists, he still went against 50 Cent. Not only did 50 Cent give him tracks that he was using for his own album, he also wrote some of Game’s own lyrics. Then, he promoted his album, which led to it selling five million copies across the world. Even after 50 Cent did all of this, Game refused to side with 50 Cent when he began dissing Nas, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss.

After everything that 50 Cent had done for Game, he saw this as disrespectful and the two began a behind-the-scenes feud. Before the summer of 2005, Game took their issues public and he was kicked out of the G-Unit group. Then, 50 Cent dropped him from G-Unit Records and convinced Dr. Dre to drop him from Aftermath Entertainment. Given the fact that Game was still a very popular artist, he was able to sign a deal with Geffen Records.

When he signed to Geffen Records, Game recorded his second album and released it in 2006. On the album, Game says that he is not bitter, but he dedicates almost every track to dissing 50 Cent. Even when he did all of that, there was not a single outlet in hip hop media that called Game out for treating 50 Cent so bad. Instead, there were quite a few sites that sided with Game and his 2006 album was met with positive reviews.

Even as Game has returned to working with Dr. Dre, he is hailed as one of rap’s brightest stars and his albums are still met with positive reviews. He is frequently lampooned by SOHH for his constant mood swings, but they also lampoon 50 Cent. No one has yet to call out Game for the things that he said about his former boss. However, when 50 Cent went against Dr. Dre, everyone was ready to pounce upon him for going against the man that produced “Back Down.”

All that 50 Cent wants is for someone to question Game for going against the man that provided him with the biggest hits of his career, to date. Currently, Game is gearing up for the release of his fourth studio album, The R.E.D. Album. It will be released on February 16, 2009 on Star Trak and Interscope Records with input from Aftermath Entertainment.

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