40 Glocc disses Young Buck for 50 Cent feud

28 Dec

When Young Buck began feuding with 50 Cent, last spring, 50 Cent was shocked. He knew that they had been going through some issues, but he was the reason that Young Buck had a name for himself. Before 50 Cent came along, Buck was stuck in the background of old videos by B.G. and Lil Wayne. When 50 Cent came, Buck became a star.

Because of the fact that original G-Unit member, Tony Yayo, was in prison and unable to perform with 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, Young Buck joined the group. He was prominently featured on the Beg For Mercy album and even had his own solo song. In 2004, 50 Cent had marketed Young Buck enough that he was a household name by the time he released his debut album.

The early days of G-Unit were the best days of G-Unit. As a group and a record label, they were unified and willing to take on any challenger. But, once The Game began his feud with 50 Cent, the popularity in the music from the camp began to decline. 50 Cent felt that they could keep their same style and stage a comeback. Young Buck felt that they needed to go in a different direction.

As a result, Young Buck and 50 Cent bumped heads when they began working on his second album. Once his album was finally released, Buck ended his feud with Jadakiss. At the time, Jadakiss was one of the biggest threats to G-Unit. There were photos around the internet that showed the two rappers smoking together. To 50 Cent, this was a sign of disrespect, seeing how much that he had done for Young Buck.

Before long, 50 Cent said that he held Young Buck in the same situation that he held The Game in before he was kicked out of the group and dropped from the label. Even after 50 Cent made those comments about Buck, he remained on the label and continued to make music. But, late in 2007, G-Unit went on a mixtape blitz. They released several mixtapes throughout 2007, but none of the mixtapes featured Young Buck.

After the release of his second album, Young Buck decided that he was going to start his own record label. For this label, he did not go to 50 Cent and G-Unit/Interscope, instead, he went out and created his own deal. Before the end of 2007, Young Buck had established Cashville Records. He signed himself to the label as a joint venture between G-Unit/Interscope. Buck said that he hoped to eventually leave G-Unit for this label.

Once Young Buck revealed this, many wanted to know 50 Cent’s opinion on Buck’s actions. At the time, he praised Young Buck for going after what he wanted. But, by 2008, the Cashville camp had become bitter enemies with 50 and G-Unit. In April of 2008, 50 Cent revealed that Young Buck was no longer a member of the G-Unit group in a similar fashion to that of Game. Unlike his rift with Game, 50 Cent did not drop Young Buck from G-Unit Records.

Immediately following his release from the G-Unit group, Young Buck began trading disses with 50 Cent. In a similar fashion to Game, Young Buck reached out to 50 Cent’s many enemies. He first re-aligned himself with The Game and performed on stage with Joe Budden. During the summer of 2008, he ended his feud with Lil Wayne and tried reaching out to Irv Gotti and Ja Rule.

When The Game went out and did all of this, 50 Cent became so enraged that he began dissing him even more than he had been before. Three years older and three years wiser, 50 Cent ignored all of these moves by Young Buck and the situation died down. In an effort to be released from the G-Unit label, Buck has been playing nice. He said that he no longer holds any hard feelings toward 50 Cent and that they could be a family once again. In response to that, 50 dissed him and his entire crew.

The things that 50 Cent did to Young Buck were not right, but Buck bit the hand that was feeding him. That is why a lot of people sided with 50 Cent in the feud. It appears that the artists on G-Unit Records that get no buzz or album release dates are the most loyal ones. One rapper on the label that has held 50 Cent down has been 40 Glocc. Every feud that 50 Cent has gotten into, regardless of the opponent, he has taken them on.

Recently, 40 Glocc has had some negative things to say about Plies, but he has taken a break from that to go at his label-mate. He feels that Young Buck has not been disciplined enough for his actions against his own crew. 40 Glocc questioned Buck’s status as a Crip and said that he should have been beaten on the West Coast by real Crips. 40 said that Buck should have been forced to take the beating, too.

In 40 Glocc’s opinion, Young Buck began to feel himself too much and he began to think that he should be the boss within G-Unit. 40 Glocc has been signed to G-Unit Records since 2005, but currently has no new music out. He is on the West Coast mixtape scene, but there are currently no plans of him releasing a debut album.

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