Cam’ron may sign with Bad Boy/Interscope

27 Dec

For the past few years, it appears that Cam’ron has been on his own. His crew, which includes Jim Jones and Juelz Santana seem to have abandoned him. The deal that he had with his label was that the artists all belonged to different labels.

A few years ago, there was a lot of confusion between Cam, his label, and the artists on the label. In the midst of all of the confusion, he began feuding with 50 Cent. Surprisingly, his crew sided with 50 Cent. Following this, Cam’ron took a break from music.

Early in 2009, Cam’ron returned with a new album. He was still under his independent deal with Asylum Records and he had a new crew. During his time off, Cam dramatically matured. Realizing that hip hop is a business first, he ended his feud with Jay-Z and said that he was willing to make peace with 50 Cent.

Similar to the deal with Fat Joe and Virgin Records, Cam’ron is free to leave his label whenver he chooses to. Ever since Diddy moved Bay Boy Records away from Atlantic Records and over to Interscope Records, he has been on a signing spree. He also allowed Mase to work with other artists again. Mase is Cam’s friend turned enemy, then friend again.

Early in their careers, Cam’ron and Mase collaborated frequently. Along the way, they built a cult fan base. No one realized this before Diddy, with the help of Interscope Records, he is trying to get Cam’ron to record an album with Mase that would be released on his Bad Boy label through Interscope.

If this album is a success, Diddy will probably try to sign Cam’ron to his label. Already on the new Bad Boy he has The L.O.X., Red Cafe, and he is in talks to bring Ghostface, Method Man, and Raekwon to the label to release Wu Massacre.

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