Mims is hoping to shake “One Hit Wonder” title on New Album

26 Dec

With the release of his last album, Mims sought to prove that he could rap. That is exactly what he did. But, he was so focused on proving his lyrical ability that he forgot to record a hit. With his debut album, Mims did not focus on lyrical talent, but he did provide the hit, “This Is Why I’m Hot.” The song was a hit, but it gained Mims the title of one hit wonder.

Statistically, Mims is not a one hit wonder. His follow-up single, “Like This,” was a top forty hit. A top forty single means that an artist has a hit single. Still, the people will always count Mims as a one hit wonder because they will always remember his first single. Despite the minimal success of “Like This,” that song has been forgotten by many, already.

Of all of the negative feedback that Mims received on his debut album, the one that stung the worst was the fact that he was hailed as a rapper with no lyrical ability. He was able to shake that title, but he did not make a hit single on the album. As a result, his sophomore album, Guilt, was released, but no one purchased it. To date, the album has sold around 20,000 copies.

Now that it has been proven that Mims is a good rapper, he hopes to record hits with his third album. Right after the release of his second album, Mims said that he was already working on his third album. At the time, the album was supposed to be released in December of 2009. But, he had yet to submit anything to the label and he had not confirmed things with them.

Because of that, his album has yet to come out. This has not stopped Mims from promoting it and talking about the content of it. He said that he will continue to lay down the hot lyrics, but he wants to create the same atmosphere of having fun that he had with his debut album. Mims hopes to take the best parts of both of his albums to create a classic third album.

Mims’ untitled third studio album is set for release sometime during the summer of 2010.

One Response to “Mims is hoping to shake “One Hit Wonder” title on New Album”

  1. Hollis333 December 27, 2009 at 5:57 am #

    Mims just gotta come with some more radio play worthy joints. I personally don’t think the “one hit wonder” title is fitting for him. He has some sicc tracks on his album.

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