Chamillionaire gets pushed back again

26 Dec

This time last year, Chamillionaire was gearing up for the release of his third album, Venom. At the time, it was supposed to be released in March of 2009. When the date came, Cham said that the entire album had been put on hold. Due to the decline in the economy, the label could not afford to put out an album that they were not sure would sell. However, by the summer, he was back at work on a new album. Chamillionaire decided to have fans vote for a title.

Eventually, his album ended up being titled Venom. A few months ago, Chamillionaire promised the album on December 8, 2009. When that date came, the album had been pushed back and set for release sometime in January. Now, with January only days away, Venom has received yet another push back. Recently, Chamillionaire released the album’s first single, “Good Morning.”

In a fashion similar to that of Diddy and his Last Train to Paris, there is no set release date for this new album. The release date for Chamillionaire’s third studio album is nonexistent. His album has been pushed back indefinitely.

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