Busta Rhymes announces new Flipmode album

26 Dec

Ten years ago, Busta Rhymes was the leader of one of the hottest crews in rap, the Flipmode Squad. Over time, things change and people grow away from each other. The original members of the Flipmode Squad are no longer with the group or the label. Rah Digga was one of the last ones to leave.

Despite the fact that most of the original Flipmode is no longer in existence, Busta Rhymes remains. He was the founder of the original crew and he is the flagship artist of Flipmode Records. For the past few years, Busta has been focused on his solo career, instead of the careers of the people in his crew.

When Busta Rhymes moved the label to Aftermath Entertainment, that was a deal that he created for himself because he wanted more hits. Busta left Aftermath after a dispute with the head of the label that distributes Aftermath, Jimmy Iovine. That was another selfish move, but he ended up signing with Universal Motown in an effort to work directly with the label boss.

Now that there is a secure deal in place, Busta Rhymes wants to focus on growing the roster of his Flipmode label and re-starting the Flipmode Squad. Next year, Busta Rhymes hopes to release his “final” album, The Chemo. Another project that he hopes to release next year is a new album from the Flipmode Squad.

While he did not give up too much information, Busta Rhymes said that he has gotten some new artists that he is working with. Together, they make up a new Flipmode Squad and their album will be released sometime in 2010 before The Chemo. The albums will be released on Flipmode Records and Universal Records.

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