Should Jae Millz leave Young Money?

24 Dec

Five years ago, Jae Millz was the flagship artist for Wanna Blow Entertainment, an independent hip hop record label based in New York City. He was the first artist signed to the label and his skills earned the label a distribution deal with SRC Records. Things looked great for Millz as the deals were in the early stages, but his album fell victim to frequent push-backs.

After three years of push-backs, Wanna Blow left SRC Records to return to the independent circuit. Back on the street level, Jae Millz began releasing many street albums through the label. His music gave him the opportunity to take the stage with Lil Wayne. During their performance together, it was revealed that Jae Millz had left Wanna Blow Ent. to sign with Wayne’s label, Young Money.

Given the fact that Young Money was a Southern hip hop label, it came as a surprise to many that Jae Millz chose to sign there. Lil Wayne announced 2008 as his year. He was going to use 2008 to release and promote Tha Carter III. However, starting with Jae Millz, 2009 was going to be the year of Young Money.

Once 2009 rolled in, the label signed Drake and his buzz is what the label has used to build hype. Then, Lil Wayne decided that he should release Rebirth in 2009, along with an album with Young Money to introduce the new crew. This pushes the year of Young Money back until 2010. Drake’s debut album will not be coming until mid-2010.

After the release from Drake will be Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine, and Gudda Gudda. Usually, it takes three months for a label to promote each album. Surely, Young Money does not want to have their artists competing with each other. If that is the case, Jae Millz will have to wait and release his debut album in 2011.

Initially, Jae Millz had expected to release his album in 2008. After all of this, is it really worth the wait?

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