Memphis Bleek invites Nas to “The Process”?

24 Dec

Early in his career, Memphis Bleek was feuding with Nas. Their feud stems from the song, “Memphis Bleek Is…” The song has a similar format to Nas’ single from the same period of time, “Nas Is Like.” While Bleek saw himself paying homage to the Illmatic rapper, he saw it as a challenge.

Before long, Nas and Memphis Bleek were taking subliminal shots at each other. Soon, Bleek would step out of the feud and Jay-Z stepped in. First, he came with “Is That Yo Bitch,” which was rebranded as “Is That Your Chick” and it became a Memphis Bleek single. This, along with many other songs, set up the epic feud between Jay-Z and Nas.

While the feud became more of a Jay-Z and Nas situation, Memphis Bleek’s feelings towards the rapper never changed. Even as Jay-Z and Nas ended their feud, Bleek still harbored ill will towards the rapper. In 2006, Memphis Bleek spoke on his issue with Nas, saying that he looked up to him in many ways and he was surprised that Nas thought that he was disrespecting him.

Last month, it was revealed that Nas and Memphis Bleek had finally ended their feud. Now that their issue is over, it is possible that they may collaborate. Currently, Memphis Bleek is working on his album that he has described as a classic. He said that he has some unexpected tricks up his sleeve. Is one of those tricks a Nas collaboration?

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