Kid Cudi is a victim of Mistaken Identity

24 Dec

Earlier this week, many were shocked to hear about Kid Cudi being arrested for burglary. It is not strange to hear about rappers being arrested for these types of things, but it is for a rapper, such as Kid Cudi. He has branded himself as a different type of rapper. Cudi has admitted that he did not live the gangster lifestyle and did not grow up in the hood.

It would make no sense for Kid Cudi to break into a house and rob a person, anyway. His contract with Universal Records is a pretty good deal. With the money that he will make, he has no reason to rob. The only reason that he was in California was because he was supposed to perform some shows with Lady GaGa. The only problem was the fact that he was cut from the lineup.

After going such a long distance and for nothing, it can be frustrating. That is understandable, but for him to rob someone would just be outrageous. In the end, it was revealed that Kid Cudi was the victim of mistaken identity. All that the Cleveland rapper said was that there was a mix-up and things got out of hand.

Kid Cudi did reveal that he was handcuffed, but everything worked out for the best and he was freed.

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