Asher Roth speaks on Gay Rumors

23 Dec

For the past few years, there has been a rumor about a gay rapper. The rapper has a strong lyrical ability, but the fact remains that he is gay. At one point, this supposed gay rapper had dissed Eminem. Until earlier this year, rumors of the gay rapper had died down. That was until N.O.R.E. revealed that he has worked with several gay rappers.

A few days ago, rumors began that the gay rapper may be Asher Roth. It makes sense because he is an advocate for gay rights. He has let it be known in the past that he supports gay rights and the gay movement. But, just because he supports all of this does not mean that he is gay, himself. After all, the white people that fought slavery did not become black because of their support.

Over the course of these days, the gay rumors about Asher Roth have continued and they have gotten bigger. This has prompted DJ Vlad to speak out in support of Roth. He said that the rapper is far from gay. While he was one of the first people to speak out and defend Roth, the person that matters had yet to say anything.

That has now changed because Asher Roth has come out to defend his sexuality. Through Twitter, Roth apologized in advance to all of the entertainment sites that were ready to dub him as the gay rapper. Asher Roth Tweeted that he was indeed straight. He also said that any news sites that reported on the gay rumors were unprofessional.

Asher Roth said that there is no way that a person’s internal feelings can be a part of the news.

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