T.I. has been Released from Prison

22 Dec

Last year, T.I. was sentenced to go to prison after a 2007 gun charge. He was sentenced to serve one year and one day late last year. In May 2009, he began serving this sentence. As of late, there have been rumors of T.I. coming out early.

These rumors are no longer rumors as Grand Hustle, T.I.’s label has confirmed that he is free. While the Atlanta rapper is no longer in prison, he is not quite free, either. He is no longer in prison, but he will have to spend time at a halfway house.

Many associates of T.I. have also taken part in the celebration. This includes executives from Grand Hustle Entertainment and artists on the label. For his family, Christmas came a few days early. It is assumed that T.I. will be allowed to spend the Holiday Season with his family. The next few months will probably see T.I. spending more time with his family.

Towards the end of next year, T.I. will probably begin working on a new album, so one should be expected sometime in 2011.

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