Lil Scrappy provides advice to all Rappers

22 Dec

By 2009, most people thought that the music industry had finally tamed the internet. Getting albums for free off of the internet has almost become a thing of the past. Such sites as iTunes have almost prevented this from happening as frequently as it once did. However, now artists, mainly hip hop artists struggle with their albums leaking weeks in advance.

Back in September, Jay-Z’s big return to the game was spoiled by his album leaking to the internet a week and a half before the set release date. Despite the fact that his album was leaked, it has still sold over one million copies. This year was also supposed to be the year that 50 Cent finally released his album, Before I Self Destruct.

Continuing his losing streak, 50 Cent’s album leaked three weeks before its release. That has caused his album sales to dip dramatically. Other rappers who have released albums this year have suffered the same fate as 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Lil Wayne’s album, Rebirth, leaked two months before its intended release.

Recently, Lil Scrappy released his sophomore album, The Grustle. Unlike most albums released during this period, it was not leaked. Even if it had leaked, that would not even be a problem for Lil Scrappy. For all of the artists that have plans of releasing an album next year, Scrappy wants to provide some advice. If a rapper is popular, they will have to deal with their albums leaking early.

According to Lil Scrappy, any good rapper would always come prepared. He said that while a rapper is in the recording process, they need to go ahead and create two albums’ worth of material. That way, even if their album is leaked, there is an entirely different set of tracks that they could choose from to go ahead and use to create an album.

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