Ja Rule to take an Executive Role at Murder Inc.?

22 Dec

Russell Simmons granted Def Jam A&R, Irv Gotti his own label after he signed Jay-Z and DMX to a struggling Def Jam label. Behind their 1998 releases, the label received major profits and their artists were receiving regular radio rotation after years of obscurity. All of this was due to the fact that Irv Gotti signed these artists to the label.

The following year, Gotti began building his new label, named Murder Inc. Records. Aside from himself, Gotti added his brother, Chris Gotti, and Ja Rule as owners of the label. When Ja released his first album, it was promoted as the first release from Murder Inc. In the early years of the label, Ja Rule was the flagship artist.

By 2000, Ja Rule was the biggest rapper on the planet. Soon, his music sparked the success of Lil’ Mo, a singer for Elektra Records. Her collaborations with Ja Rule led to her music being popular. Sensing the success of Lil’ Mo, Irv Gotti soon signed Ashanti to Murder Inc. With her, Ja Rule was able to duplicate success, making her into one of R&B’s biggest female acts.

Over the years, Ja Rule has gone from being one of hip hop’s biggest stars to being one of hip hop’s commentators. While he has not retired, it is rare to hear new music from Ja Rule. Every year or so, he announces a new album, but he has not officially released an album since 2004. He has admitted that he is still working with Murder Inc., but he is no longer an artist.

When speaking of Murder Inc., Irv Gotti stated that he is rebuilding the label behind Newz. Gotti has said that Newz will be the label’s new star, but Ja Rule will still be a part of the label. Two months ago, Ja Rule said that he was never signed to the label. Instead, he was a part-owner of the label. With the way that the record industry is now, the way that labels sign artists is by getting other artists to recruit them.

The way that Murder Inc. is struggling, Irv Gotti needs someone out there reaching out to new artists. Given the influence that Ja Rule has, as a star, he may be chosen by Gotti to serve as an executive for Murder Inc. Earlier this year, Ja Rule hinted at the possibility of him doing something big.

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