Hurricane Chris is upset with J Records

22 Dec

Since he was away from the game for two years, Hurricane Chris had planned to come back in a big way with his follow-up release, Unleashed. For the album, Chris had submitted a rather large number of songs. To be exact, Hurricane Chris recorded nineteen songs for the album. When he turned the album in, it was agreed that they would all be on the album.

However, when the album was released, a few of the tracks were not featured. At the time, he was under the impression that all of the songs would be on the album. Chris explained the situation as the foolishness of the record labels. The rapper said that these labels think that they know what they are doing when they are really messing things up.

Most of the blame is placed upon J Records, but Hurricane Chris also blames his label, Polo Grounds Music for the slim down of his album. The aim of this album was for Hurricane to show the world the new level of dope that he has reached since his last album. With this album, Chris said to expect an entire new version of himself.

Probably once his contract is up, there will be a new version of Hurricane Chris. Depending on the sales that he makes for J, it will probably be with another record label.

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