Hip Hop Vibe’s Album of the Year: Mims – “Guilt”

22 Dec

Over the past few years, hip hop has become stagnant. Most of the veterans had been taking time off to do other things. In 2006, it was said that hip hop is dead. At the time, the genre still showed signs of life. However, by 2008, the genre was dominated by auto-tune. Every rapper in the game was trying to sing.

It appeared as if hip hop really was dying. Soon it was made clear that the veterans would not allow hip hop to die. In 2009, such rappers as Jay-Z, Raekwon, Rakim, Ghostface Killah, and many other veterans made their returns to the game. All of these rappers delivered impressive comeback albums, but they were not the only rappers to make comebacks.

Two years ago, when hip hop was first declared dead, a song called “This Is Why I’m Hot” began receiving regular rotation. Before long, the song was number one on the Billboard Hot 100. A New York rapper named Mims had created the song. Initially, the song had major support, but it was criticized for not being lyrical enough.

Riding the wave of his hit single, Mims quickly released his debut album, Music Is My Savior. The album was a pretty solid release, but the negative reviews of “This Is Why I’m Hot” plagued his release. Once the album was released, Mims was written off as another one hit wonder, a title that he is still trying to shake off.

He did receive moderate airplay with his next single, “Like This,” but it was not enough to keep him around. After that single fell from the radio, Mims was a distant memory. The rest of 2007 went by without a peep from Mims. In 2008, he announced that he would release a new album, but it never came. However, a single called “Move (If You Wanna)” was released by Mims.

That single was revealed to be the lead single from his sophomore album, Guilt. The following year, 2009, Mims released his sophomore album. Despite the fact that his single did not garner a significant buzz, Mims still was confident in this album. After being teased about his song selection and being written off as a one hit wonder, Mims was determined to be taken seriously.

On his sophomore album, Mims quickly proved that he was more than a commercial rapper. He showed his lyrical prowess on this album. Also, Mims was able to show that he was able to change his style up without being something that he was not. Mims catered to the radio with his second LeToya collaboration, “Love Rollercoaster,” then he comes with “On and On.”

The only thing that separated Mims’ comeback and the comeback of the other artists mentioned is the fact that they have had success in the past. Mims has not achieved much success over the course of his career. The most that he ever accomplished were the awards that came along with his hit, “This Is Why I’m Hot.”

Because of the fact that Mims is not a household name, there was not much of an audience that cared that his new album was coming. Despite the fact that there was only a small bit of interest surrounding the album, Mims worked hard to make sure that it was better than his debut. In the end, Guilt did receive positive reviews, but it has yet to sell many copies.

However, as far as overall sound and lyricism goes, Guilt was the best hip hop album of 2009.

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