DMX and Ja Rule reunite on N.O.R.E. track

22 Dec

Early in their careers, DMX and Ja Rule were frequent collaborators. They were notable because they sounded alike, when Ja Rule first debuted, he was mistaken for DMX. Initially, the comparisons between the two rappers were accepted as “cute.” DMX never seemed to have an issue with it.

However, in 2000, DMX began to take offense to Ja Rule taking his style, among other things. In the end, the two rappers began feuding. At the time, Ja Rule was the most popular rapper in the game and DMX was falling off. Because of that, most people sided with Rule and X’s music sales suffered.

The following year, Ja Rule would see his crushing blow when his feud with 50 Cent went public. One of the first rappers to side with 50 was DMX. Together, they helped to ruin Ja’s career. For the longest time, the two rappers exchanged disses, with the last diss record being Rule’s 2008 song, “Judas.”

Despite the fact that he had made a record about DMX, Ja Rule had insisted that there was no feud between he and DMX. On the other hand, DMX had nothing but negative things to say about Ja Rule as late as August. He said that he owes all of his success to him and that he saved his life in Chicago.

In September, it was revealed that Ja Rule and DMX would be performing at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors. The day before the show, Rule sarcastically spoke about being excited about performing in the same room as DMX. He said that he came to have a good time, but he was not afraid to get violent.

As the show progressed, DMX eventually went over to Ja Rule and the two rappers shook hands and spoke for a little while. After the show, the rappers talked more and took a picture together with Foxy Brown and Ludacris. This signaled an end to their long-running feud. In the time since the truce, both rappers have talked about working together.

When Nas and Jay-Z ended their feud, rappers lined up to have them collaborate together on their album. The first collaboration was Young Jeezy’s “My President (remix),” aside from their own collaborations with each other. Now that Ja Rule and DMX have ended their feud, many rappers will also be trying to collaborate with them.

Next year should be full of these types of collaborations. The first rapper to reunite Ja Rule and DMX is N.O.R.E. Throughout his career, he has been a frequent collaborator with Ja Rule. Ja has appeared on a few of his albums and they have made many mixtape singles. N.O.R.E. has also maintained a friendship with DMX over the years.

Since both rappers wanted to collaborate with each other, anyway, N.O.R.E. arranged for them to appear on his new song, “Stay Flawless.” Aside from DMX and Ja Rule, the song also features Yummy Bingham.

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