B.G. may return to Cash Money Records

22 Dec

With the December 8 release of his eleventh studio album, B.G. is now free to sign with whatever label that he chooses to. Late last year, he moved over to T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint, but his prison sentence ruined the deal. Initially, his album was supposed to be released in December of last year.

Originally, B.G. was signed to Atlantic Records, as they were the exclusive distributor of his Chopper City Records. But, he was having issues with Atlantic. They were unwilling to accept his music because they did not like the sound. Due to that, B.G. began working with the biggest rap act on the label, T.I.

The chemistry between the two rappers was so strong that T.I. agreed to become the executive producer for his album. Soon, they decided that it would be best for B.G. to sign a joint venture deal between Grand Hustle and Atlantic Records. However, this would not affect the albums that he owed the label.

Things seemed to be going great, as Atlantic Records was going to release the album on whatever day that T.I. saw fit. T.I. had hoped to release the album last December, but he soon became caught up with his trial. Because of that, other members of the Grand Hustle team took over B.G.’s album. In the end, B.G. was played with and his album did not come out until two weeks ago.

Now, B.G. is a free agent. He can sign with any record label that he chooses to. Ever since last year, there has been talks of a Hot Boyz reunion that would be released on Cash Money Records. This happens to be the label where B.G. rose to fame, alongside Juvenile and Lil Wayne. For years, B.G. feuded with Wayne and Cash Money before making peace last year.

For the past few months, B.G.’s once strained relationship with Birdman has become almost as strong as it was during those early Cash Money days. Given the recent success of the label, it is understandable if B.G. would consider returning. Just being associated with Lil Wayne means that he has a guaranteed hit.

Recently, B.G. was asked if Cash Money Records was a place that he may consider signing with. He said that if the numbers are right, he may end up signing right there. After all, Cash Money is where it all began for the New Orleans rapper.

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