Lil Scrappy speaks on “The Grustle”

21 Dec

For years, Lil Scrappy recorded for Warner Bros. Records. During most of his time there, Scrappy was unhappy. He felt that he did not receive the proper creative freedom or the proper promotion. While at the label, he released one album with Trillville and a solo album. However, it was clear that he did not want to be on the label.

While Lil Scrappy was signed to the label via Lil Jon’s BME Entertainment, he was still forced to do as the executives from Warner Bros. told him to do. That was his reason for trying to leave the label for G-Unit South in 2006. Had things gone according as planned, Lil Scrappy would have left BME/Warner Bros. in 2006 and signed with G-Unit South.

However, as this was set to happen, Jimmy Iovine shut down the possibility of a G-Unit South since he owned the name G-Unit and he did not want it branded the way that it was about to be branded. The label was going to be headed by Young Buck, who soon changed the name to Cashville Records. He was still going to sign Lil Scrappy, but his feud with 50 Cent changed everything.

As the feud between Young Buck and 50 Cent rose during the summer of 2008, Buck found himself frozen on G-Unit Records. 50 Cent would not allow him to create music and he would not allow him to leave the label. Because of that, all plans of Cashville Records were put on hold. This left Lil Scrappy out in the cold.

Lil Scrappy would spend another unhappy year on Warner Bros. Records before they released him from his contract early in 2009. Immediately, Ludacris signed him to his DTP Records. With this label, Scrappy was free to create his album. They offered very little changes to his work and they even gave him the proper promotion.

The Grustle is the first album where Lil Scrappy is happy about the overall feel of things. Last week, he released the album and he is very happy, even if does not sell a lot of records, he is happy that he was given the creative freedom that he was never granted at his last label. Despite his feelings towards Warner Bros., Lil Scrappy remains close to Lil Jon.

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