Hurricane Chris is not worried about Sophomore Jinx

21 Dec

Recently, there has been a harsh case of “one hit wonder” in hip hop. Many rappers have come out with strong debut singles. A lot of these singles end up charting very high on the Billboard Hot 100. This usually leads to respectable sales with their debut album. But, when their next album rolls around, they do not sell nearly as many copies, nor do they score another hit.

The first major one hit wonder was Chamillionaire. He topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2006 with his single “Ridin’.” The song made him into the biggest star of 2006 and his album went platinum. Because of his popularity, the label tried to capitalize off of him, but his buzz soon fizzled away.

After Chamillionaire, 2007 gave birth to a large number of one hit wonders. Those rappers are now beginning to release their sophomore albums. Despite having a great album with Guilt, Mims still watched his album flop, hard. He was even able to land a top 15 single, but the album still did not sell. This is a bad sign for a rapper such as Chris because he was not as successful as Mims.

The only exception to the new artists in 2007 was Soulja Boy. In 2008, he returned with what most thought was a flop, but it ended up being a platinum success for him. Hurricane Chris is confident that he will be able to make a strong return to the game. It will be three years between releases, but he is sure that the music that he has made will keep him a float. Earlier this summer, the first single, “Halle Berry,” was released.

Initially, the album was expected to be released sometime this year, but the label and Chris decided that it would be best to release the album next year. Hurricane Chris released his second studio album, Unleashed, today, despite previous indications that he would release the album next year.

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