Hip Hop Vibe’s Rookie of the Year is Drake

21 Dec

In the past, there have been popular mixtapes that established an artist. Had 50 Cent not released Guess Who’s Back before Get Rich or Die Tryin, he would have never made it. That mixtape featured some songs that ended up being on his official debut album. At the time, what 50 Cent had done was unheard of.

Six years later, Drake, a former star of the teenage drama “Degrassi,” recorded a mixtape in hopes of it sounding like an album. That is exactly what 50 Cent did with his mixtape. The difference is that Drake then pushed the mixtape as if it were an album. His first single, “Best I Ever Had,” came with a music video and became a Billboard hit.

Only having a mixtape, Drake came into the game and dominated. He was doing so well that people often forgot that he was still unsigned. The one label that wanted Drake on their roster was Universal Records. Already having Lil Wayne, they were dominating hip hop, but it appears that they wanted a monopoly.

Ironically enough, Drake and Lil Wayne had become quite good friends and he did most of his shows with Wayne. Because of their relationship, Universal sought after Lil Wayne to make sure that he signed him to his Young Money label. While Drake would not be signed to Universal, the Young Money label is.

During the summer of 2009, Drake experienced a hit with “Best I Ever Had” and then he scored another hit with “Successful” late in the summer. He was also featured on the hit Young Money single, “Every Girl.” Along the way, Drake was called upon by Jay-Z to provide the hook for his song, “Off That,” which was on The Blueprint 3.

Currently, Drake is riding the success of the single, “Forever.” There are some rappers that have been in the game for years that can’t do what Drake did with this song. He was able to get Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem to all appear on one track, together. It is hard enough trying to get Eminem for a solo track. Wayne wanted to work with Eminem two years ago and it has just taken place now.

For half of the year, Kid Cudi was the most impressive new artist. His music was popular and still is. The album, Man on the Moon, is a wonderful collection of songs, but Drake’s mixtape was just as good, if not better than Cudi’s album. Drake comes out with a mixtape and he is able to dominate the game.

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