Game talks Tupac and Biggie

21 Dec

There is not a day that goes by when some longtime hip hop fan wonders what the hip hop scene would have been like if Tupac and Biggie were still here. At the time of their unexpected deaths, these two rappers were on top of the game. Most people assume that Jay-Z would have never risen to become the rapper that he is and most assume that the West Coast would have never fallen off.

The truth is, no one knows exactly what would have happened because it never happened. Game grew up in Los Angeles while all of this craziness was going on. Just like the average hip hop fan, he also wonders what things would be like had Tupac and Biggie survived their gunshot wounds. In many ways, Game idolizes Tupac, his style says it all.

According to Game, he says that had Tupac been alive Will Smith would have never married Jada because she was his girl. He also said that had Tupac lived, he probably would not have ever aspired to become a rapper. Game said that the death of Tupac is what motivated him to become a rapper.

Game went on to say that at this point, Tupac would be 37 years old. He said that by this stage of his career, he would still be in rap, but also venturing out into movies. Currently, the biggest movie star is Denzel Washington. Game said that if Tupac were still here that he would be competing with Washington for many movie roles. He feels that Tupac was on his way to an Oscar.

Most importantly, Game said that if Tupac was alive that Biggie would also be alive. He said that these rappers from New York would not be around claiming that they are the king of New York the way that they do. The most prominent rappers known for claiming that title are Jay-Z and 50 Cent, two rappers that Game is not particularly fond of.

When speaking on Biggie, Game also mentioned his children and how different they would be because they actually had their father. People usually try to write Game off as crazy, there are times where he makes little to no sense, but he made very good logic with these statements and the “what ifs” that go behind the deaths of Tupac and Biggie.

If Tupac and Biggie were still alive, would they still be feuding?

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