Beanie Sigel was injured in a Car Accident

21 Dec

Former Roc-A-Fella Records rapper, Beanie Sigel was involved in a car accident on Saturday night. This has been confirmed by some of the rapper’s representatives. Reportedly, they were driving down the freeway before being run off of the road by a tractor trailer. Sigel was said to not be the only person in the vehicle.

Most likely, Beanie Sigel was not the person driving, but he still received some injuries. This accident comes after he began a series of disses targeted towards Jay-Z. There had been a time when Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z were just as close as if they were family. Memphis Bleek, another member of the crew was also brought into the feud.

While Jay-Z chose to send some shots back, Bleek decided not too. His argument was that they had been together too long to begin squabbling now. That was the main reason why he never said anything negative about Beanie Sigel. Perhaps taking a mature stance on things, Bleek did not want to be upset with Beans if something bad happened.

It has been revealed that Beanie Sigel is not seriously injured, but if he was, Jay-Z would probably feel bad. Memphis Bleek probably already feels bad. Only a few days ago, it looked as if there was no end to this feud in sight, maybe this accident can lead to these rappers making peace with each other. If all goes well, Jay-Z might appear on The Closure.

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