Soulja Boy’s “The DeAndre Way” will see 2010 release

20 Dec

For most of 2009, Soulja Boy has been bragging about his upcoming third studio album. Over the years, the teen sensation has received flack for what appears to be a lack of lyrical ability. He has been challenged by the likes of Method Man, Snoop Dogg, and Ice T. Even other teen rappers have taken shots at Soulja Boy.

During the height of his feud with Ice T, Soulja Boy defended his music as party music. He said that he could be lyrical when he chose to be. The only thing was, Soulja Boy did not feel like being a lyrical rapper, instead, he has decided to be a rapper for the parties. With this type of music, he was successful.

However, a backlash against Soulja Boy has been coming for a little while. His label-mate, Charles Hamilton was digging into him harder and harder. This year, his debut album was supposed to have been released on Interscope Records. On the album, he dissed Soulja Boy. Since Soulja Boy is one of the biggest acts on the label, Hamilton was dropped to save his image.

Tired of being criticized for his weak music, Soulja Boy promised that he would show the world his lyrical side. During the summer, he began preparing for his album, The DeAndre Way. The album is said to be a personal look into Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Way. Initially, the album was supposed to be released in the fall of 2009.

Recently, however, Interscope Records revealed that his album was going to be pushed back until mid-2010. This gives Soulja Boy a chance to lay down a track with Jay-Z. He said, early on, that he wanted to work with Jay-Z. It has been revealed that he has worked with Kanye West. A new album from Soulja Boy should be expected in 2010.

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