Newz gears up for “Hunting Season”

20 Dec

There is a lot riding on Newz. He is the CEO and flagship artist of his own label, Blok Gang, and he has been selected as the future of Murder Inc. Records. Ever since 2001, he has been on the streets doing freestyles, but Irv Gotti feels that he is ready for the big-leagues. In 2007, he signed Newz to Murder Inc.

When Newz was signed to the label, Murder Inc. was gearing up for a big year that did not happen. At the time, they were preparing for a Ja Rule comeback. His album, The Mirror, featured a guest appearance from Newz. After Ja’s album would have been a release from their new R&B act, Ashley Joi, she would have also featured him on her album.

Irv Gotti also had plans of venturing into movies that would have featured Newz on the soundtracks. Because of the fact that Gotti is a perfectionist, he refused to let Ja Rule release an album that was expected to sell very well. Once the Ja Rule release stalled, so did the Ashley Joi release.

During this time, Ashanti and Lloyd were still with the label, but they were not working very close with Irv Gotti. That meant that there was a little chance to none at all of Newz being on their albums. In the end, Lloyd left the label and the status of Ashanti is unknown. Black Child has spoken and he has said that the entire label is still intact.

Since he was unable to rebuild Ja Rule’s hype to transfer over into Newz, Irv Gotti is going to have to do things the old fashioned way. He is going to have to build this Brooklyn rapper as his own artist. Ever since 2008, Newz has been working on his debut album, Hunting Season. The album will be the first official release on his Blok Gang label.

For the album, Newz plans to work with Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Game, DMX, Fat Joe, Black Child, and many more. As far as production goes, he will be working with Irv Gotti and his production team, but he may also be working with Swizz Beatz. Currently, there is no set release date because there is no distributor for Murder Inc.

It is expected of Irv Gotti to sign a new distribution deal with Atlantic Records, where he may also sign on to take an executive role. It will be following that when Newz will release Hunting Season. The album is expected to be released sometime before the summer of 2010.

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