Ludacris to release two albums in 2010

20 Dec

When he first came into the game, Ludacris released three straight albums on the heels of each other. During that time, he was one of the brightest young stars in hip hop. Most of his songs dealt with getting drunk and the club and waking up to something regrettable. It was these types of tracks that made Luda popular.

However, by 2004, the same themes had become expected out of Ludacris. His 2004 album, The Red Light District, featured more comical songs from Ludacris. The fans continued to love these types of songs and the wacky hair. But, Ludacris was falling out of love with the game. Badly, he wanted to change things up.

With his string of hits coming off of The Red Light District, Ludacris had enough airplay to hold the fans over while he worked on his next album. In his time out of the spotlight, Luda decided to cut his braids and return with a more mature style. In promotion of his 2006 album, Release Therapy, Ludacris came with an entirely different style.

With this album, Ludacris featured more socially-conscious raps. He received critical acclaim for such singles as “Runaway Love.” After the release of this album, Ludacris revealed that he was trying to leave the hip hop game. He preferred acting and a career as a film star over being one of the most dominant figures in rap.

It was clear that Ludacris’ interest is no longer in rap. While his last album, Theater of the Mind, was a good album, it was evident that his heart was not in it. His heart may not have been in it, but Ludacris knows that every time that he releases an album that it is going to make him a lot of money. Aside from himself, the most popular rapper in his crew is Shawnna.

Ever since last year, Ludacris has been promoting a collaboration album between the two artists called Battle of the Sexes. While working on the album, Shawnna abruptly left the label, which has caused friction between the two artists. Despite the fact that she will not appear on the album, Battle of the Sexes is still coming out.

However, instead of being a collaboration album, it will be released as a solo album from Ludacris. Already, Ludacris has plans of releasing his album, Ludaversal. But, since Shawnna backed out of the collaboration album, he was forced to go back in and re-record the album as a solo release from himself.

With collaborations from Lil Kim, among other female acts, Battle of the Sexes will be released on February 23, 2010. However, in the late stages of 2010, Ludacris will return with eighth studio album, Ludaversal. These albums will be released on Ludacris’ own DTP Records and Def Jam.

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