Lil Wayne would be studying law if he were not a Rapper

20 Dec

What most people fail to realize is that most of the rappers did not choose to be rappers, they rapped as a way to get themselves out of a bad situation. With Lil Wayne, that is no different. He grew up in the projects and his family did not have much. Wayne was a gifted student, but his family could not have afforded to send him to a major college.

One of Lil Wayne’s callings was rap. That is evidenced because of how frequently that he records music. But, just like other people, Wayne also had other dreams. Since he is the biggest rapper in the world, right now, people always want to hear what Lil Wayne has to say. By now, he is used to being asked questions.

Recently, he appeared on BET’s “The Mo’Nique Show.” While on the show, the New Orleans rapper was asked what he would be doing if he was not rapping. Not too many people know how great Wayne was in school. The only reason that he began cutting class and eventually quitting was because of the fact that he was rapping for a better life.

In an interview with Mo’Nique, Lil Wayne was asked about an alternative life. As a surprise to many, Wayne said that had he not began rapping, he would have stayed in school. Not only would he have maintained his grades, but he would have also decided to pursue a career in law. Yes, Lil Wayne would have attended law school.

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