Gucci Mane readies follow-up to “Radric Davis”

20 Dec

Only a few days ago, Gucci Mane released his first major label album. It came after years of being an independent rapper. There had been a long span of time where Gucci Mane was criticized by other rappers and laughed at by hip hop fans. Once he began his streak, earlier this year, the people began listening.

The Atlanta rapper has collaborated with almost every member of the hip hop community and most of his collaborations have been hits. This all led up to the release of his debut album, The State vs. Radric Davis. The first true hit of Gucci’s career came with this album’s first single, “Wasted” with Plies.

It is safe to say that Gucci Mane is still riding off of the success of this album, as he only released it a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that he just released this album, the rapper is already talking about his follow-up album. He said that he has already recorded his second studio album and he plans to release two in 2010.

Now a respected rapper, Gucci Mane has plans of taking over the game in 2010, in a similar fashion to Lil Wayne as he took over the game in 2008.

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