Game wants 50 Cent to surrender

20 Dec

Once upon a time, Game was a member of G-Unit. Not only was he a member, he was arguably the most loyal member of the crew. At the time, he was creating a movement called G-Unit West. Around this time, 50 Cent was still working on his sophomore album, The Massacre, and Game was preparing his debut album, The Documentary.

In a short period of time, these projects went from being projects to multi-platinum success. Since 50 Cent had managed to sell millions of copies again and then lead his crew to all of this success, everyone wanted to talk with 50 Cent. Being the person that he is, 50 took credit for all of the success of G-Unit, including the success of Game.

While Game never directly responded to 50 Cent taking credit for his success, initially, he did end up leaving 50 hanging. During the same time that 50 Cent was readying his album, his longtime nemesis, Ja Rule was making a strong comeback. The year before, 50 Cent thought that he had ended his career, but the rapper was posting top five singles and getting massive airplay.

Since Ja Rule was popular again, 50 Cent had to go back at him. The second single from the 2004 Ja Rule album, R.U.L.E., was “New York.” That single featured Jadakiss, a critically-acclaimed lyricist and the leader of The LOX. The single also featured Fat Joe, a well-respected member of the hip hop community and an eleven year veteran.

The fact that they had collaborated with Ja Rule led 50 Cent to diss both of them, despite their positions in the game. When 50 Cent goes at another rapper, he expects his entire crew to side with him. Immediately, he had decided to begin dissing Jadakiss and Fat Joe. Early in 2005, he recorded “Piggy Bank,” which also featured Nas, a friend of Ja Rule and his former partner.

Nas is another legendary, well-respected member of hip hop. When 50 Cent dissed all of these rappers, his crew jumped on board, too. That was the entire G-Unit crew minus Game. He said that he could not just diss the rappers that he grew up listening to. For 50 Cent that was the ultimate sign of disrespect.

The G-Unit general soon conducted a series of interviews that touched on his feuds with Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and Nas. He was questioned about why Game would not side with him. 50 said that he could not understand why Game would not take his side after everything that he had done for him. It was then that Game had finally had enough of 50 Cent taking credit for his work.

It was then that their feud began. Soon, Game was dissing 50 Cent, however, in a matter of months, he was soon collaborating with Jadakiss and Fat Joe. Showing the ultimate sign of disrespect to G-Unit, Game was featured on a song by Ja Rule that gave props to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and other West Coast hip hop legends.

These turns of events only led to 50 Cent dissing Game even worse. Soon, the entire G-Unit crew was against Game. Even acts only signed to the label. This included M.O.P. and Mobb Deep. By 2007, Game said that he was tired of feuding with 50 Cent and he offered a truce that never came. When 50 Cent began to fall off, Game took credit for that.

It has been nearly five years since the feud began and there is still no truce in sign. No longer is 50 Cent the force that he was in 2005. Just like every other rapper, he struggles to sell records. Game, on the other hand, has risen to become a consistent platinum rapper. Because of that, he frequently taunts 50 Cent and his sales.

Despite the constant disses from Game, he has shown signs that he is willing to end his feud with the man that made him famous. If that was not the case, he would not have begun working with Dr. Dre again. In October, Game and Dr. Dre reunited, during that same time, Dre was still putting the finishing touches on 50 Cent’s album. Just like old times, Dr. Dre was working on both of their albums.

After ten years of waiting, Dr. Dre has plans of releasing Detox. The actual release of the album will not come until sometime in 2010, however. On his long list of collaborations will be both of his protégés, Game and 50 Cent. Recently, 50 Cent said that there is no chance of him ending the feud with Game.

Similar statements have been made by Game. However, recently, Game said that he is willing to end the feud and work with 50 Cent again. First, all that he has to do is surrender to him. That is admitting that he lost the feud to Game and then apologizes for the trouble. If 50 Cent agrees to do that, their feud is over.

The pride that 50 Cent has would make it very difficult for him to admit to losing when he feels that he won. Plus, 50 Cent has said that he will never apologize for any of the statements that he has made over the years.

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