Game stays away from Beef on “The R.E.D. Album”

20 Dec

Ever since he first came into the game and rose to stardom, Game has not been a stranger to beef. Even before he signed with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment, Game was feuding with Memphis Bleek over the name Get Low Records. Bleek’s label has the same name as JT Tha Bigga Figga’s label.

Upon his rise to stardom, Game’s feud with Memphis Bleek soon became a feud with Jay-Z, but Dr. Dre helped to keep the feud relatively quiet. What happened next was what no one saw coming. With 50 Cent’s star rising higher and higher, Dr. Dre spent most of his time working with him and G-Unit. However, it was time for Game to come out with something.

Soon, the plan became to place Game in a joint venture with G-Unit and Aftermath. Initially, things worked out great. 50 Cent was recording for his album, The Massacre, but he gave some of his tracks to Game. It seemed that the two rappers had a strong relationship as Game quickly jumped in and began dissing Ja Rule and Murder Inc.

However, before long, he found himself in a feud with not only Ja Rule and Murder Inc., but 50 Cent and G-Unit. It would not be his past feuds with Yukmouth, Ja Rule, Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z, or any other artist that would become his most notable feud. It would be his feud with 50 Cent that has made his career.

Dr. Dre had hoped that their feud would come to a quick end, but it was soon made clear that the two rappers were not going to make peace anytime soon. This led to Dr. Dre having to choose between the two rappers. Because of the success of 50 Cent, Game had to leave. He was dropped, immediately, from G-Unit and later he was dropped by Aftermath, too.

This led to a very strong album in his sophomore release. His second album, Doctor’s Advocate, was fueled by the doubters. Once he left 50 Cent and G-Unit, people assumed that no one would work with him and that he could no longer make hits. In the end, Game ended up working with many big-name producers and artists and the album went platinum.

However, the album was filled with disses and jabs that were aimed at 50 Cent, G-Unit, Memphis Bleek, and Jay-Z. While the album was met with some critical acclaim, it was dubbed a “hate” album by many. Despite what it was labeled as, the album was one of the better releases of 2006.

Two years later, he returned with yet another album that was filled with disses. This time the disses were aimed at G-Unit and G-Unit only. Once again, Game proved that he could make hits and he also proved that he could get big names for his albums. Critics of Game also labeled this album as an album of “hate,” despite the fact that he reached out to Mobb Deep on the album.

Throughout his career, Game is known for saying things that some receive as disses. His most notable feuds are only misunderstandings. On his studio albums, Game is known for name-dropping other rappers. Sometimes he says things that can be taken the wrong way. For his upcoming release, The R.E.D. Album, things seem to be coming together for him.

Earlier this year, Game and Dr. Dre reunited and the final result was Dre having Game to push the album back so that he could work on the album. Soon, Pharrell was recruited to work with the album. His chemistry with Game was so strong that he ended up signing the rapper to his imprint label, Star Trak.

Because of all of these turns of events, Game is happier than he has ever been. He feels that he is now in the right situation to make great music. Ever since he challenged Jay-Z this summer, the rapper has decided to take a step away from beefs. He even admitted that he would have lost, badly, to Jay-Z had they ever gotten into it.

Earlier, Game said that he was done with feuds because Shyne advised him to stay out of those situations. However, later, he still sent many disses towards 50 Cent and G-Unit. However, these disses will be exclusively on the hip hop websites and in interviews. For his upcoming album, Game will not have any diss records featured.

Game said that The R.E.D. Album is the start of a new phase of his career. While it will be his fourth album, overall, it will be his first album not to feature any diss records. This album will be released on February 16, 2010 on Game’s own Black Wall Street, Pharrell’s Star Trak Entertainment, in conjunction with Aftermath Entertainment and the album will be distributed by Interscope Records.

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