Drake is excited about Jay-Z collaboration

20 Dec

With all of the hype surrounding Drake, a lot of people thought that his album was coming this year or that it had already come. That was not the case, the music that came from Drake this past year was from his mixtape, So Far Gone. Never in hip hop history has a rapper been able to dominate without releasing a studio album and without a deal.

For a short period of time, Drake was unsigned hype. It did not take long for a label to snatch him up. Universal Records wanted him from the beginning. However, Drake was a little weary of signing with the label. Despite that, he was out performing with Lil Wayne, a Universal recording artist.

Executives at Universal Records decided to have Lil Wayne sign him to his Young Money imprint. While he was not directly signed to Universal, he was still on the label. Immediately after signing with Young Money, the video for “Every Girl” came, along with his video for his hit, “Best I Ever Had.” Soon, other rappers began taking notice of Drake.

It took frequent disses from Lil Wayne for him to get Jay-Z to notice him. All it took for Drake was a mixtape. While Drake was still a rising star, Jay-Z was working on The Blueprint 3. For this album, he wanted to do something different. Timbaland gave him a futuristic beat that Hov felt would be great for Drake.

Before long, Drake had made the final cut on The Blueprint 3. The final result of their collaboration was “Off That.” In the time since that successful collaboration, Drake has had nothing but great things to say about Jay-Z. Also, Jay-Z has had nothing but praise for Drake ever since he did the hook on his album.

One thing that all of the critics agreed on was the fact that “Off That” was lacking something. Most people feel that Drake should have had his own verse on the song. Timbaland revealed that there was a verse that Drake recorded for the song, but Jay-Z had it removed. It is something that 50 Cent has taunted Jay-Z for during their recent feud.

With his album coming early next year, Drake has a lot in store. Not only is he going to be working with all of the heavy-hitters, he was also able to get Jay-Z on the album. This time around, though, Drake will get a few verses to himself. This collaboration is entitled “Light It Up.”

The collaboration with Jay-Z, “Light It Up,” will probably be a single released off of the album. Drake’s official debut album, Thank Me Later, will be released in June 2010.

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