Bow Wow fires all of his Managers

20 Dec

Apparently, Bow Wow’s managers are asking too much from him. The Cash Money rapper feels that they have him going a little bit too much. Because of that, recently Bow Wow announced that he was going to fire all of his managers. Now that he has done it, Bow felt that he should have gone solo a long time ago.

Aside from the fact that he feels that his managers had him going too much, Bow Wow feels that he could do better on his own. Saying that he is taking the Ray Allen approach, the rapper said that no one knows him better than himself. Because of that, he has decided to go at it alone. Bow Wow said that he has something special planned.

Earlier this year, he announced his retirement, beginning with New Jack City, Pt. II. However, after that album, Bow Wow demanded to be released from his contract with Columbia Records. Immediately after he was released from Columbia, Bow signed with Young Money/Cash Money. Given the fact that they have the most music out, people feel that he signed there to ride their wave.

Bow Wow has adamantly denied those charges. He said that he has been close to members of the Cash Money family for years. It is true, because he worked with Birdman for his Unleashed album and he and Lil Wayne have always been frequent collaborators. Despite the fact that he retired earlier this year, Bow Wow will be coming out of retirement for his next album.

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