T.I. gets early Prison Release, may move to Halfway House

17 Dec

In May 2009, T.I. finally began serving his prison sentence for being caught with arms in Atlanta during the summer of 2007. After only serving seven months of a full year prison sentence, T.I. may be let off of the hook.

He has only been behind bars for seven months, but it feels like an eternity. Despite the fact that he has been behind bars, T.I. has been sending messages through other rappers, such as Ludacris. While he has kept his name out there, his music has fallen off.

Right now, the Atlanta rapper is not focused on that. All that T.I. is focused on is getting out of prison. Five months earlier than expected, he may receive his wish. Due to good behavior, he may be released to a halfway house. He will not be fully released, but it is better than being behind bars.

T.I., when released, will serve the remainder of his sentence at a halfway house. During this time, he may decide to focus on rebuilding his family life. In the time after that, he will probably take some time off. He is not expected to begin recording music again anytime soon.

Currently, there is no album in the works, but one will probably come in 2011.

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