Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” has been Leaked

16 Dec

Initially, Lil Wayne was supposed to release Rebirth this week. However, a lack of interest surrounding the album has forced it to be pushed back into next year. The album has suffered a series of delays. First, the album was supposed to come in April, then May, then July, later August, and finally December.

Given the fact that Wayne was the most popular rapper in the game, Universal Records expected him to come right back with another rap album. Instead, Lil Wayne decided to do something creative and record a rock album. As the release dates have come and gone, so have many track listings. Ever since before the release of Tha Carter III, Wayne wanted to work with Eminem.

With this album, he finally had a track with Eminem. He did not want anyone to hear this track until the album came out. Now that an official release date has been set, pre-orders can be made on the internet, through such sites as This is a well-known tradition that has taken place ever since the internet boom.

Things are not as bad as they once were between the music industry and the internet, but albums are still subject to leaks. With anticipation for Jay-Z’s comeback album, The Blueprint 3, his camp wanted no mistakes. One week before the release of his album, the entire album was leaked to the internet. Jay felt that this affected his sales. 50 Cent, on the other hand, saw his album leaked an entire month before its planned release.

First, Lil Wayne suffered multiple push-backs. Now that he has an official date set, his album has leaked a whopping two months before his album is supposed to be released. Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is set to be released in February 2010, but it may be pushed-up to combat the leak or pushed-back so he can re-work the album.

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