Hurricane Chris maintains “Best Rapper Alive” stance

16 Dec

Last month, Hurricane Chris made waves when he made the proclamation that he was the best rapper alive. This is something that has been said by a lot of rappers. Usually, it is a statement made by a rapper with a new album coming out. It just so happens that Hurricane Chris has a new album coming out.

When he first came into the game, Chris was not known as a lyrical rapper. His music was popular and no one said that he was a horrible rapper. Hurricane Chris was simply known as a pop rapper. There is nothing wrong with him being a pop rapper, which is what his album consisted of. Chris was looked at as a “feel good rapper,” not a lyrical rapper.

Now, Hurricane Chris, like other commercial rappers before him, is saying that he can be lyrical when he chooses to. Not only is the Southern rapper still saying that he is the best rapper alive, he is bringing up his freestyle abilities to prove it. Hurricane Chris said that when it comes to freestyle rapping, there is not another rapper in the game that can touch him.

Uniquely, Hurricane Chris has stated that he is “the Do-Bo of the rap game.” His sophomore album, Unleashed, will be released early in 2010.

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