Shyne is working on a New Album

15 Dec

Ever since 2007, it has been rumored that Shyne was working on a new album. It has been widely assumed that he would come out with a new album after he was released from prison. In the time leading up to his prison release, there was speculation about what label that he would sign to.

While he was working on his sophomore album, Godfather Buried Alive, Shyne began associating himself with Ja Rule. For the album, he worked with Irv Gotti and Ashanti performed the hook for his single, “Jimmy Choo.” It was because of this and his feud with 50 Cent that many expected him to sign with Murder Inc.

However, as time went on, it was revealed that Shyne was close to Game. It was said that when he was finally released from prison that he would sign with either Game’s Black Wall Street or Murder Inc. During the summer, rumors circulated that Shyne had signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. However, Jay denied those rumors in September, but said that he would love to sign him.

In the days leading up to his prison release, Diddy said that he had been talking to Shyne and the rapper may return to Bad Boy Records. Those statements were shot down immediately by the Brooklyn-bred emcee. In the end, he signed with Game’s Black Wall Street. The celebration was short-lived, however, as Shyne was deported right after the announcement was made.

Now, back in Belize, Shyne is said to be working on a new album. It is said that he has had some of the top hip hop producers flying back and forth from Belize. Recently, Busta Rhymes paid a visit to Shyne and he has had conversation with Game and a few other rappers. It is possible that they may be featured on this new album.

There is no title nor a set release date for Shyne’s next album. Also, a new single from him is not expected any time soon.

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